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5) Privacy policy
Manoir Saint-Sauveur does not compile or keep in records of any personal information through the website, for distribution or resale for commercial purposes. Manoir Saint-Sauveur assumes no responsibility for the practical use of confidential information which may be collected on other websites that you accessed through

6) Juridiction
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7) Communication
If you have any questions regarding this legal notice or any other matter relating to the website, address this issue to the Manoir Saint-Sauveur as follows:

By mail 246, chemin du Lac Millette, Saint-Sauveur (Québec) Canada, J0R 1R3 
Fax: (450) 227-8512
Telephone: 1 800 361-0505


Manoir's Map

Pavillon Cadillac (Section 3000)
Pavillon Avoriaz (section 1000)
Pavillon Bordeaux (section 2000)
Pavillon du Domaine (section 4000)
Chambres (section 5000)
Whistler C
Whistler B
Whistler A
Vail D
Vail C
Vail B
Vail A
Aspen A
Aspen B
Chamonix B
Chamonix A
Edelweiss B
Edelweiss A
St. Moritz
Foyer Everest
Everest B
Everest A
Matterhorn C
Matterhorn B
Matterhorn A
Foyer Matterhorn
Elevator (section 5000)
Janitor's Office
Elevator (section 6000/Basement)
Hunter's cloakroom and office
Kids club
Main Entrance
Le Boudoir Bar
La tablée
Terrasse extérieure
Outdoor Pool
2 outdoor Tennis Courts
Exercise Room
Piscine intérieure
Spa du manoir